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Web design and development

14 Aug 2021

Web design and development is a very vast field of computer science in the broadest sense. One could successfully write several books on this subject, not a short blog post. I will try to systematize the knowledge of the subject, gather it into a coherent whole and convey it in the simplest possible way. So that it is understandable even to a person who is not passionate about computer science. I will also try to show how we approach web development and why it is our passion.

The first and most important step in web design and development is to build a shared vision of the site with the client. Getting information about what industry the site should be about, the color scheme, the main functionalities. The programmer can propose his solutions relying on his own experience, but the most important thing is that the client is satisfied with the final version of the site.

Having preliminary arrangements, you can get down to work. The most beautiful part of the whole process is the creation of the site.. Each project is completely different, thus avoiding monotony. In addition, at our disposal we have a lot of tools, plug-ins, libraries thanks to which we can meet the expectations of the client.

The budget the client wants to spend on the site

Of course, this factor will have a big impact on how the site will be built, and what functionality it will have. Let's divide the price range into 3 zones:

  • Low budget - In most cases, it will be a site based on a ready-made template/graphic design designed for a particular industry. The site will not have a CMS (administration panel - for easy and intuitive management of the site). The only changes that can be made to the site will be possible from the source code.
  • Medium budget - in this price range, there is usually a choice of a custom graphic template at the expense of no CMS or a connected admin panel with a commercial theme.
  • High budget - in this case, the client gets an individual graphic design with a plugged-in CMS to manage the site. In fact, the only limitation is the client's imagination.

It is also worth adding that for each price range the client gets a fully responsive site. This means that the site will be properly displayed and adjusted to any type of resolution. It doesn't matter if it's a computer, laptop or smartphone, the site will look great on any of these devices.

Web design and development

For this purpose you can use a huge number of different types of tools, programming languages and ready-made libraries.

We focus on a few tools thanks to which a dream site for our client is created:


Bootstrap framework - that is, a library of styles, functions that we can use when creating a site. In our case mainly used when scaling the site to different resolutions. bootstrap m&m web design


tworzenie stron M&M web design

Of course, the basic markup language through which we create the site (e.g. site-header, menu, footer) is HTMLFor formatting and giving the appearance of individual elements (e.g. changing the font size of a paragraph) we use the Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS. The last language is JAVA SCRIPT - we use it, for example, when adding functionality to a page that does not require reloading it. Let's assume that a customer of our site fills out a contact form and enters an email without the monkey character "@" in the field with an email address. The page will immediately display the appropriate message that the email address should contain @.


tworzenie stron M&M web design php

Scripting language - we most often use with forms to retrieve data accordingly. For connecting and exchanging data with a database connected to the website.


tworzenie stron M&M web design wordpress

Content management system so-called CMS. Thanks to it, the user of the website, which we design and create for him, can easily edit the content on it. From the level of the administration panel, in a very intuitive way he can add an article to the blog, change graphics in the header of the main page or contact details given in the footer. The user does not need to know programming, all the activities will be done very easily from the level of the administration panel.

Graphic design

After agreeing with the client on the color versions, we present a preliminary graphic design of the site and make any corrections. Then we present the final result. If the client accepts the project, we move to the next step, which is to write scripts for all the functionality that the sitehas to have. The next step is to create the appropriate subpages and modules according to customer specifications.

Testing and final version of the website

Once the website design and development process is complete , we move on to testing it. We check if all functionalities and modules work in the right way. We also check site security - we eliminate the possibility of hacking attacks and loss of sensitive data. If the site passes the tests - we present the final effect to the client. If you want to become the owner of a professionally created website, take advantage of our offer..

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